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Gospel Music Through The Africana Eye

ChicaGO REACH Gospel Workshop

Gospel music through the Africana eye is...


A well-established cultural institution of West African and African American musical and spiritual traditions that is ever-evolving

Full of spiritual, cultural, and psychological intricacies that can't be sufficiently defined by Western musical analysis

A tactical, self-determinant that defines and affirms itself in dismissal of pre-determined racist American social structures

A pipeline to Africana ancestral memory and its thriving diaspora

An ancestral cry for liberation to the true God who loves justice


Faith and resilience in action

A call for one community


The bedrock of American social justice movements



Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate an assembly of culture keepers and allies for the comprehensive study, performance, appreciation, and preservation of Black gospel music.

Our Vision

We seek to only define and elevate the unmitigated cultural truths of Black gospel music through Africana governance, to affirm, codify, and integrate common cultural experiences, values and interpretations that cut across people of African descent, and are tactfully shared with our extended community of allies.

Our "E-Learning" Method


Extend an open invitation to people of all cultural identities who have ears to hear with understanding a liberated school of thought on Black gospel music. 

Emancipate minds from dominant Eurocentric points of consideration as it pertains to the rich Africana music tradition of Black gospel music.

Educate with authority the musical, spiritual, cultural, and psychological truths behind gospel music and its forebears.

Experience the excellence, executing well-established performance standards that honor the institution of gospel music and its forebears.

Excite multiethnic, multigenerational people to spread the good news of Black gospel music through authentic practices and veracious history to others locally and globally.  

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