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History. Pedagogy. Social Justice. 

Choirs and educators internationally are being transformed by Lonnie's masterclasses. His depth of historical knowledge, teaching resources, and his passion and advocacy for the equity and inclusivity of authentic Africana music in choral performance and education are breaking down barriers.  


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Past hosts include:
Harvard University - Harvard Collegium
Temple University - Temple University Singers
Indiana University - Choral Methods Graduates
Augsburg University/Global Harmony (Minneapolis, MN) 
Davis & Elkins College (Elkins, WV) - Augusta Heritage Center
DePaul University - Concert Singers
University of Chicago Chorus
Mendelssohn Choir - Pittsburgh, PA
Philomusica Chorale - Philadelphia, PA
Evanston Township High School - Evanston, IL
Eisenhower High School, Blue Island, IL
Alan B. Shephard High School, Palos Heights, IL
Vancouver Youth Choir, British Columbia, Canada
City Soul Choir, British Columbia, Canada
Island Soul Choir, British Columbia, Canada
Universal Gospel Choir, Vancouver, Canada

Rhode Island-ACDA
Sounds Good! Choir-Southwest Michigan

University of Toronto, Canada
Bahamas National Youth Choir, Nassau, The Bahamas
Chicago State University

Civic Actors Studio, Chicago


Prices will vary depending on size, special requests, and location. Specialty offerings include:


"The Early Songs of Enslaved Africans in America" IN-PERSON/ONLINE- A seminar that examines rich West/West Central African musical origins that gave momentum to the folk spiritual, field hollers, work songs, children’s songs, and ring shouts created by Africans in America - One 1-hour 30-minute lecture w/ Q&A


"The Gospel Essentials" IN-PERSON/ONLINE- A seminar that examines the origins of gospel music, its most quintessential practices for singers, and gospel's significant role in the struggle for racial equity and social justice. Song instruction included - One 1-hour 45-minute session


"Das Jus' How We Talk: The Spoken Soul Vernacular of Black American Music" IN- PERSON/ONLINE- Vernacular, dialect, pidgin, creole - music and its performers can't escape the vastness of slanted lexicons in the world, but western music contextualization, a symptom of a greater systemic issue, has contributed to the muzzling of authentic Black voices in BLACK CHORAL MUSIC. Let's learn and liberate through song and conversation!  - One 1-hour and 45-minute session of lecture, singing, and Q&A



"We All Need Somebody to Lean On (Song Coaching)" IN-PERSON/ONLINE - Looking for cultural expert support for traditional Africana repertoire? Guest clinician appointments are available!  1-hour Session | 1-hour and 30-minute session


“Do Da Right Thang” IN-PERSON/ONLINE – It’s all about the right approach! Prepare vocally and physically with unique warm-ups that target style and demeanor of Black music. 1-hour Session


“Africana World Music Imperative” IN-PERSON/ONLINE– Historical survey through the Africana Governance Structure of rare traditional folk and choral music coming from various regions of Africa and throughout the African diaspora. (Time varies)


“Social Justice Gospel Choir” IN PERSON/ONLINE – Study the rhythms and roots of anti-colonialism protest music from African American and Africana movements around the world. (Time varies)

Have other requests not listed above? Please share by filling out the request form below!

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Great news! Lonnie is currently accepting virtual and in-person engagements. Complete the booking request form for your next choral session today!

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2023 Engagements

Rosemount High School - Africana Workshop 
Jan 13

Augsburg University - Online Workshop
Jan 20

Gospel Workshops and Concert in Vancouver, Canada 
March 3-11

Uniting Voices Chicago
Lincoln Park & Englewood Choir Tour
Toronto, CA
May 4-7

2023 Chorus America Conference 
May 31- June 1

Village Harmony Oregon Camp
July 23-29

Gospel Choir Unplugged - Four Day Intensive
Vancouver, CA
Aug 3-6

Research Tour
August 30- September 29


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