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ChicaGO REACH is thrilled for new and returning programming this Fall, and it's time to secure your spot for the course(s) of your choice! Check out course and instructor information below. 
Please enjoy below music from our remote collaborations of the 2020-2021 ChicaGO REACH Gospel Choir!

Sneak Peak CRGC Promo

Sneak Peak CRGC Promo

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Thank you for your interest in ChicaGO REACH Gospel Workshop. We are excited to offer this unique experience to our brothers and sisters in Chicago around the world who want to become better informed practitioners of the authentic, unfiltered Black Gospel tradition. We are pleased to offer phenomenal learning experiences below this Spring! Out of consideration for everyone's safety and health, and out of love for our international community, we have decided to operate in a hybird model for most courses, including the popular GO REACH Gospel Choir!


Hybrid Learners & Virtual-Only Learners

Most courses hold 2 sessions per month (1 session in-person for Hybrid learners, 1 session virtual. Virtual-only learners Zoom for both).

The suggested price is the same for Hybrid & Virtual-only learners. Discounts are still available as well as the discretionary "pay what you can" need-based option.

 In-person meeting opportunities will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination, social distancing of at least 3 feet, and mask wearing at all times will required for our wellness and safety.




Questions and concerns may be e-mailed to

In-person sessions take place at Bryn Mawr Community Church | 7000 S Jeffrey Blvd | Chicago, IL 60649


Gospel Voice Lessons

In-person and online Zoom learning is available for this course. Learn to be the song leader with Felicia Coleman-Evans! One (1) weekly 40-minute vocal lesson with a cultural expert that includes an optional culminating performance for GO REACH Open House! Schedules are individually organized with the instructor. 

Option 1: Six (6) Sessions 

Course time is set with private instructor

Cost: $240.00 USD / $40 USD per half-hour session

Option 2: Eight Sessions

Course time is set with private instructor

Tuition Cost: $320.00 USD /$40 USD per half-hour session 

Option 3: Customize your own plan!

Want more or less sessions? Want longer or shorter sessions? Let us

know what you have in mind, and we will accommodate to the best of our ability. Prices will vary based on need. 



This ensemble is a hybrid of virtual (Zoom) and in-person participation. Sing and study with Director Lonnie Norwood soul-stirring songs and arrangements by Black composers, the voices that elevated them, and the historical and social significance of the music.You don't have to be in Chicago to join! No audition necessary.

11 Sessions (Saturday afternoons 1PM-2:30PM CST) 

(Jan. 8 & 22, Feb.12 & 26, March 12 & 26, April 9 & 23, May 14 & 28, June 11)

Suggested Price: $125.00 USD | Need based participant? Pay what you can to participate!



Gospaerobics (movement engagement videos) for the mind, body, and soul with Tashielle "Miss T" Gooley will include feel-good movement videos for all aspects of health and wellness, and a monthly Sunday live online session where you're welcome to invite someone using our Buddy Pass! Resources and live sessions are only offered online via Thinkific (our digital library) and Zoom.

Access at your leisure past and new uploads anytime from January, 2022 - December, 2022


Suggested Price: $60.00 | Need based participant? Pay what you can to participate!


Chicago Gospel According to "The Ship"

This chorus is available for in-person and online Zoom learning. Felicia Coleman Evans & Lonnie Norwood direct a choral-historical course on the music of one of Chicago's most renowned gospel music and American civil rights mega-forces, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, in the era of the late Rev. Dr. Clay Evans (pictured left), and director emeritus, Dr. Lou Della Evans Reid. Surprise! We will hold some sessions at "The Ship" to really authentically connect to the music and history!  

7 Sessions (Tuesday evenings, 7:00PM-8:30PM CT)

(Jan. 4 & 18, Feb. 8 & 22, March 8, & 22, April 5 )


Suggested Price: $100.00 USD | Need based participant? Pay what you can to participate!



Lonnie Norwood

GO REACH Gospel Choir, Gospel Music Director's Seminar

Black Church-bred, classically trained baritone, African American sacred music international clinician and enthusiast, Africana Governance Structurally-based teaching

Founder & Director of Audacious Praise Inc., an arts outreach organization who also facilitates the ChicaGO REACH Gospel Workshop

Conducts the Englewood Neighborhood Choir and serves as Director of Africana Music & Studies for the Chicago Children's Choir

In-demand clinician, vocalist, and arranger for gospel and classical projects


Felicia Coleman-Evans

Vocal Coach, Chicago Gospel According to "The Ship"

Black church-bred, classically trained coloratura soprano and celebrated gospel singer & director

Chicago legend & early pioneer of the "high soprano" gospel sound manufactured at the renown Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church under the late Rev. Dr. Clay Evans

Teaches voice and sacred music at North Park University/ Minister of Music at Bryn Mawr Community Church (Chicago)